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Open Windows
UPVC open windows are one of the most popular types of windows in Britain and the one most chosen by indian customers. One word describes Ken openable UPVC — easy. They are easy to choose, easy to operate and easy to love. The Casement uPVC (left or right hinged) and Top Hung (top hinged) combine beauty and virtually effortless operation.
Sliding Windows
Sliding Windows shall be made out of hollow Multi-Chambered UPVC Sections with isolated drainage and reinforced with galvanized steel. Add-on mosquito rail is fixed onto slider frame. The corners and joints shall be mitre cut and fusion welded. The overall dimensions of UPVC Sections are as per drawings given below with wall thickness of frame being 2.3mm ± 0.3mm.
Top Open Bottom fixed windows
Fixed windows cannot be opened and its function is limited to allowing light to enter. This type of window is used in situations where light or vision alone is needed as no ventilation is possible through fixed windows. Fixed windows have a substantial frame appearance and are designed to stimulate the look of a casement window. Any design concept can be achieved through the many possible combinations of windows in Linco Eurostyle extensive line of products.
Single and Double Doors
Doors are made of heavy UPVC frames where the infill can be glass or any other particle board cane used in the casement doors. The doors are made to the requirement of customer. The sizes are customized as per the requirement for the site. Partition doors and partition frame are also possible. The doors come with a multipoint locking arrangement for even locking throughout the frame allround.
Ventilators are used to give Light & Air ventilation in the rooms / rest rooms/ Industries.
  • Louvered Ventilators
  • Top hung Ventilators
  • Fixed ventilators
  • N – type ventilators
  • Ventilators with exhaust fan opening
  • Mesh ventilators
Advantange of UPVC:
1 Durability and long life
2 High strength from steel reinforcement
3 Termite resistance
4 Coastal areas weather resistance(MOISTURE)
5 Wind resistance
6 Sound resistance
7 Fire resistance
8 Corrosion resistance
9 Adaptability for architectural requirements
10 Adaptability for designing elegance
11 Completely maintenance free
12 Pollution resistance
13 Ageing resistance
14 100% recyclable
15 Eco-friendly
16 Can provide thermal insulation
17 Suitable for extreme seasons : 1. Rainy, sunny, extreme winters
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